Getting Started

Welcome to Cross Roads Church's Online Giving System!

Online giving is a safe and easy way to support the ministries of Cross Roads Brethren in Christ Church.  This system enables you to support the church by making a one-time contribution, or establishing a recurring contribution.  You can also view and/or print your contribution history as well.

3 Simple Steps!



Steps to Register (Existing member/attender)

  1. If you are an existing Cross Roads member/attender, click on the "Give Now" link. Use your username (email address) and password to log into the Cross Roads online database. If you have forgotten your password, click the 'Forgot my Password' link on the login page, to receive a temporary password.
  2. Click on the 'Giving' tab
  3. Enter your contribution. For step-by-step instructions, see below


Steps to Register (New Giver)

If you are not a regular member/attender of Cross Roads church, you are still able to contribute to our church's ministries and programs.
Use the following to setup your giving account.

    1. Click on the 'Create My Account' link below to create a new "Giving Account"
    2. Log into the Cross Roads online database and click the 'Giving' tab
    3. Enter your contribution.  For step-by-step instructions, see below


Giving Tab - Step-By-Step Instructions

The Giving Tab is accessed from the your personal home page in the Cross Roads online database.
The Giving tab is in the upper right corner of this page.  Click on this tab to access the 'Giving' page.


You will then see this screen.
Click the 'Give Online' section to enter your contribution information or schedule a recurring contribution.

You will then see this screen, where you can enter your contribution information.
If this is your first time, you will need 'add' a checking or savings account to withdraw the funds from.
Click the 'Add' button, as shown below.

You will then receive a 'popup box', where you can enter your bank account information.

After entering your bank account information, click 'Submit', and you will be returned to the 'Giving' page.
You can now enter your contribution information. 


Payment Method:  This box contains the bank account that the contribution will be withdrawn from

Gift Amount:  Enter the amount you wish to contribute.   

Designated Fund:  Click the down-arrow on this box and select the fund you wish to contribute to.  If you do not wish to designate to a particular fund, select 'Local Budget' and the money will be used for our local program and budget needs.  If you select 'Other', please enter a description in the 'Comments' box, identifying what ministry/fund you wish to contribute to.  If you wish to give to multiple funds, click the blue text on the web page that states: 'Add Another Amount and Designation To This Gift'.  This will add another row to the page, where you can enter an additional Amount and Designated Fund.  You can continue to add as many lines as you need, to designate your gift.

Recurrence:  If you select 'None', your contribution will be a 'one-time' gift.  If you select 'Weekly', 'Bi-Weekly', or 'Monthly', you are setting up a recurring contribution that will continue until you change or delete the scheduled request.

Charge my account on or after :  This box identifies the date you want the contribution to be withdrawn from your account.  For a recurring contribution, the withdrawals will start on this date, and reoccur (every week, two weeks, or month) depending on the frequency you specified in the Recurrence box.  If you have any questions, it may be helpful to click the dark blue text on the web page that states: More about ACH dates and cancellations .

Comments:  This box is used for designating contribution to 'Other'.  This allows you to contribute to a ministry/fund that is not in the list of designated funds.  See the Giving FAQs page for guidelines/limitations. 

Send an email reminder:   If you check this box, you will be prompted to enter a date, on which you will receive an email reminding you to come back to visit this site. (See below).  This can be helpful if you want to be reminded to come back to this site to make another contribution.  If you are making a recurring contribution, you will be prompted to enter the number of days BEFORE the scheduled date, that you wish to receive a 'reminder' email. 


After entering your contribution information, review it for accuracy, and then click 'Submit'.
You will be returned to the 'Giving' page, and your contribution will now show up in the 'Scheduled Online Giving' section.  


You have now successfully completed your online contribution.  You can return to this 'Giving' page at any time, to review your scheduled transactions, view your giving history, or view/print your giving statement.  See the Giving Statements    page for further instructions on viewing/printing your statement.


If you have any questions, or encounter difficulty in entering/scheduling a contribution, please contact Bernie Hernley for assistance. 

Contact Bernie Hernley – Treasurer