Giving Statements

Online Giving:

Online Giving Statements for the current and prior year can be viewed and printed directly from our Online Giving platform.  Since giving statements can be printed directly from the Online Giving site, no paper statements are provided at year-end. 

View your Giving Statement:

  1. Click on "View Giving Statement" at the bottom of this page to access our Online Giving platform
  2. Logon using your user name (email address) and password
  3. Once logged into your home page, select the 'Giving' tab in the upper right corner of the screen
  4. On the Giving tab, your giving history is displayed  
  5. You can select the following options:
    • Last 6 months
    • This Year
    • Last Year (after December 31, use this option to print your year-end statement for the prior year)
    • All

Print your Giving Statement: 

  1. Follow instructions above to view your Giving Statement
  2. Select the timeframe you wish to print
  3. Click the 'Print' button
  4. Your Giving statement will be displayed in a new internet browser page
  5. Use the standard print functions for your browser to print this statement. 
  6. Hint: use Page Setup and Print Preview to format the statement as desired prior to printing


Offering Envelope Giving:

Cross Roads Brethren in Christ Church provides Giving Statements at year-end, for members and regular attenders who use the offering envelope system.  These statements include any contributions designated via the offering envelope system, and do not included online contributions. 

Any questions?

Contact Bernie Hernley - Treasurer