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Our hope is to give you a glimpse of what God is doing

through His people throughout the world.

Persons Serving Around the World


L.H. - serving full time with Brethren in Christ World Missions

L. H. is serving in a sensitive environment with Brethren in Christ U.S. World Missions. Cross Roads is financially partnering with her.

L.H. sends a Christmas greeting to Cross Roads...click here. 


Amanda Heisey - full time missionary to Guatemala

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To contact our LAUNCH Team



Missions At Cross Roads Church




Function of the LAUNCH Team

Living And Ushering Nations to Christ’s Heart



  • Promote Missions outreach to invest in the promise of Revelation 7:9 and the mandate of Matt 28:19-20
  • Foster a continuing awareness of missions in the congregation
  • Support Short- and Long-Term Missionaries, financially and otherwise
  • Training and/or preparing team members and teams for service
  • Facilitating the Re-Entry process for Short- and Long-Term Missionaries
  • Promoting projects and fund raising activities for approved non-profit charities
  • Arranging for guest Missionary speakers for the congregation

Contact us here to TELL US about a team you are joining, if you would like to GO serve with a missions team, APPLY for financial support for a team you’ve already joined, or JOIN the LAUNCH Team to help promote Missions service and outreach at Cross Roads.


Missions Financial Aid Short Term Application Form