Welcome to our church-wide online experience! 

This is a service provided by Cross Roads Church to keep us connected with one another and provide a safe and simple online giving option.
You'll have access to:
- Your personal profile information
- Our church-wide directory
- Online Giving
How to use it 
After contacting the Church Office, your initial password will be sent to you via email. Follow the instructions in the email to type the word into the PASSWORD box. You will have opportunity to change your password to an individualized and private password, known only to you.
Login below with your EMAIL and PASSWORD. Enter the email address you gave to the Church Office. If your email changes, please inform the Church Office, so we can issue you a new password. Your email is connected to your Church Directory access.
We invite you to try it out. Report any problems or concerns to the Church Office at:
crbic.office@gmail.com or 717-653-1616 
Thanks for your participation!